Parent Emergency Information

Shekou International School maintains an Emergency Procedures Plan that provides detailed instructions on actions to be taken in the event of any emergency that may result in risk to the safety of our students or staff members. These emergency plans are designed specifically for Shekou International School and include recommendations provided by leading safety agencies. SIS maintains a membership with Raffles International, giving the school extensive support and information in emergency concerns.

Emergency plan details are flexible and can be modified depending on the circumstances surrounding the emergency. In each case, the school has a response team designated to assess the situation and make decisions about what steps are to be taken, how to communicate actions to students, staff and parents, and what outside agencies are to be contacted for assistance (i.e. local police, fire, or emergency officials). The actions taken during any type of emergency depend on the situation, and flexibility is a key component.

Some important features of the SIS plans include:

  • Prepared plans and procedures to address a wide variety of possible emergencies.
  • Checklists of actions for each type of emergency are kept in each classroom and office and are reviewed regularly. Staff also practice certain responses with students regularly.
  • Most SIS staff are trained in CPR and emergency first aid.
  • Emergency supply backpacks are kept in each classroom.
  • AED devices for heart attack are kept on each campus.

Emergency Communications to the SIS Community

In an emergency situation, the school will use the following methods of communicating with families:

  • E-mail (assuming the school has electric power)
  • SMS text message
  • Notices on the school's web site
  • School WeChat Account message
  • If the above methods are not available, the school will use a student/parent telephone tree

Possible Emergency Events

In case of emergency events, the school will do the utmost first to ensure student safety, to communicate quickly and clearly with parents and the community, and to cooperate with local government and emergency agencies. In case of weather related events, the school closely monitors the official information from local authorities and is obligated to follow their regulations regarding school closure issues. The following circumstances may require special emergency communications from the school:

  • Extreme Weather (typhoon, heavy rain, or other weather conditions that could result in a school closure or early dismissal)
  • Natural Disaster (flood, earthquake, etc.)
  • Major Accident/Injury (school bus, parent drivers, sports events, school buildings )
  • Fire
  • Civil Disorder/Violence (demonstrations or disturbances within the city that may affect school bus routes, field trips, etc.)
  • Bomb or Other Threats
  • Disease (SARS, small pox, anthrax, etc.)

Possible School Emergency Responses

  • School Closure/Early Dismissal (in case of some unexpected disruption requiring school to close early)
  • Campus Lockdown (temporary restrictions on who enters or leaves the school campus until the potential risk to students and staff has been resolved)
  • Shelter-in-Place (temporary shelter during a short-term emergency, including a possible overnight stay at school.
  • Evacuation (short-term evacuation of facilities for safety reasons)

Reunification of Students and Parents After An Emergency Event

In an emergency, the school’s first priority will be to ensure the safety of students in a secure location. In order to do this, students cannot be allowed to leave the care and supervision of the school on their own or without appropriate communication and documentation by the school. In an emergency situation, students will be reunited with their parents in an orderly supervised way. Depending on the circumstances, parents will be notified (see above for communication methods) of the locations and process for reunification.

Parents should not expect to take students from the school’s care without following the established procedures, nor will students be released to anyone but their own parent or a representative documented in writing. The school must ensure that all children are accounted for and that they only leave with a parent or other authorized adult.

Parent and public access to campuses and to students may be limited while the appropriate steps are taken to ensure safe and documented reunification with parents. Children will NOT be permitted to leave early with friends, neighbors, etc. without documented contact between the parent and the school.

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