Parent Portal

Welcome to the Parent Portal--a place for schoolwide information about SIS. To keep up-to-date on all that happens at SIS please remember to read the SIS Weekly and the Divisional Newsletters.

In the Parent Portal you will find links to curricular information, information about our athletics and activities programs, general information about emergency communications and links to our libraries' online resources.

Volunteers on Campus

Parents and community members are an important source of special skills and support to our students and programs as school volunteers. All divisions of our school need volunteers to help in many ways, working directly with students or behind the scenes as well as in areas such as classrooms, offices and libraries.

Parents of SIS students are welcomed to volunteer at the school. When volunteering in their own child’s classroom and for events in which their own child participates, parent volunteers work under the approval and direction of the classroom teacher.

We enjoy an active and supportive Parent Support Association (PSA). There are many opportunities to volunteer at the school through the PSA. We encourage you to contact the PSA executive for more information.

We are SIS PSA!