Family Testimonials

Timmerman Family

Before we arrived in China we evaluated several schools in Shenzhen. SIS immediately stood out to us. We loved the caring learning climate, the excellent teachers, the modern education vision and above all the consistent application of ESLRs as a red line through all learning activities of the school. After attending SIS for 5 years, we can assure you that your child will quickly feel part of the SIS community and therefore will learn a lot. From day one onwards, our children felt safe at school and went to school happily every day ever since. It’s with a lot of pain in our heart that we are leaving China and therewith this amazing school! But the thought that we will always be a part of the SIS community fills our heart with joy.

Prunet Family

When we think about SIS, we have plenty of images which come back to us, a peaceful environment, learning comes alive, the awesome music and art shows, winter bazaar, the assemblies, the sports competitions at the Bayside campus and many more events. How lucky we are to have been a part of this for the past 6 years!

We would like thank all the dedicated teachers that helped our kids grow, giving them the desire to learn and to become independent learners and thinkers. We would also like to mention the staff which was always welcoming and who helped the Parents Support Association who are incredibly dynamic.

As French parents, we are delighted to see the development of the French Bilingual Program which will be extended to the Middle School next August. This is a really great opportunity to our french kids!

Our kids will miss SIS and for sure we won’t ever forget this amazing school!

Auger Family

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to SIS. Our children found an enriching, encouraging and fun environment that helped them bloom academically and become independent thinkers that cherished the world. As parents, we found a community that provided support and a lot of fun throughout the last two years. From the winter bazaar, to movie nights, our family leaves with a bucket full of memories.

We are grateful to the teachers, all the staff and to the Parents Association for the continuous support and the many smiles. We shall miss SIS!

Liu Family

This school year is going to the end soon. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to all the amazing teachers and administration staff. We’re very happy to being part of SIS community. In these six years, children learned leadership, collaboration and independent thinking skills. We saw our child grow in different areas. Teachers make a lot of effort to lead the children to achieve their goals. The event I like the most was the PYP exhibition in 5th grade. It lets children collaborate with others and helps them gain confidence in speaking to the audience. This unique experience will help children to be successful in the future. The art show, choir performance, talent show and some big events made by PSA every year gave us a chance to be involved in the community. It’s hard to say goodbye to everyone. We have a lot of wonderful moments and unforgettable memories in the SIS community. Though we’re moving to another country to start our new life, our hearts and souls will stay with SIS forever.

McDonald Family

Education has always been an important focus for our family, and our sons have received exceptional support from the SIS community and faculty. The staff at SIS is truly exceptional. I have never witnessed as consistent and strong of a commitment from all teachers whom make “above and beyond” appears as if it is a natural state of being. There are so many stories that could be shared whether it is a teacher challenging existing perspectives or going out of their way to create leadership and public speaking opportunities or fostering interest in dance or holding our middle and high school boys accountable for driving to the next level in their core classes work and so much more, but the best part of our experience was when our oldest came into the dining room one day and out of the blue stated, “I love going to school!” We see the excitement on their faces each and every day and that is not to say that they don’t have an occasional test or homework assignment that they dread; however, it is not easy to inspire this level of energy and excitement and the credit goes to the supportive culture that the SIS community oozes with. I hear passion when the teachers speak and you can see innovation and creativity in the projects they facilitate. One of my favorites was the collaborative multimedia exhibition which presented the students’ research/perspective on the history of WWI. We walked into the exhibition, and we were quickly ushered by the students who explained how we could connect our cell phones to the audio for each installation. From that point forward, we were guided through each installation by the students’ voices on the audio. Each installation had purposely positioned seating, and once in full immersion, it felt like walking into a living, moving, sound filled experience that in my opinion could have easily rivaled many professional level art installations. There are so many more great projects and events to keep the students fully engaged. We will miss the SIS community and faculty, but after three memorable years our sons are walking away better prepared and ready to compete on a global level. Thank you SIS for playing such an integral role in our sons’ lives both in and outside of the classroom!

Boutelle Family

Our family has been with SIS for 10 years now. Although we are happy to be heading home, we will greatly miss SIS, the teachers and administration, and the great community! SIS is located in a wonderful tree-filled neighborhood, and has a peaceful and warm atmosphere. The SIS families are friendly and outgoing, and very involved in the school. The Parent-Student Association (PSA) is very active, and helps create a steady stream of great events. Most importantly, the teachers and admin are high caliber, very motivated, and very caring. The teachers are actively involved in many programs beyond the classroom, giving their time to enable activities such as Lego League (robot development), Model UN (including trips to Shanghai AND Malaysia), and the World Scholar Cup. Their enthusiastic drive not only makes these activities possible, but cultivates interest and a desire to excel in the students. SIS teams have made it to regional and international levels of competition, not only due to the kids' abilities, but in a great part due to the way the teachers bring out the best in the kids. We wish we could pack up the whole SIS environment and take it back home with us!

Scarabello Family

As our time to leave Shenzhen approaches, we would like to take the opportunity to sincerely express our gratitude and our appreciation for the amazing and unique experiences that our three children have had at SIS these past 4 years. Our children have had wonderful teachers that have helped them to grow academically and emotionally, and they have come home from school happy every single day. As parents, we had many opportunities to get actively and meaningfully involved in our children's education. The entire SIS staff has always been open, welcoming, responsive and supportive.

Matteo, Sacha and Laura will miss SIS so much! SIS will be always in our heart.

Pistono Family

Our family has been a part of the SIS community since 1999, when our oldest daughter joined the “Happy Panda” pre-school program. Over the course of the subsequent eighteen years, both of our daughters have benefited from the rigorous, yet supportive SIS academic and social environment. As parents, we were both privileged to take a very active role in our children’s education, and found many opportunities for meaningful involvement. Although the administration has changed over time, and the school has grown significantly, the SIS commitment to open dialogue and engagement with the community has remained constant. Following the graduation of our youngest daughter from the IB program, and as we prepare to move on to a new phase, we do so with very mixed feelings: satisfaction in terms of achieving a world class education for our daughters, tempered by a nostalgia for all of the wonderful experiences, interactions and friendships that have defined our SIS journey.

Mueller Family

Das Deutsche Programm an der SIS ist wunderbar. Unsere Tochter hat ihre Deutschkenntnisse beibehalten und sogar verbessert, und sie machte deutliche Fortschritte in ihren Lese- und Schreibfähigkeiten. Sie besucht gern den Unterricht und wir sind sehr erfreut über ihre Fortschritte.

SIS has provided our family and daughters with a rich, versatile and fulfilling academic life and community. The school's curriculum and philosophy are thoughtful and well planned and encourage strong student values of independence, collaboration, community and celebrating diversity. My children had exceptional teachers and we found the curriculum on par with international curriculums elsewhere in Asia. The school ensures parents are highly involved with the community, academic progress, and activities that it provides for the children and communicates and engages us regularly. The administration is open, welcoming and responsive to the requests and feedback of the school community and is always available to engage with. The community feel of the school is compounded by wonderful events such as Winter Bazaar and China Day where various nationalities display their identities through food, cultural shows and dress and come together on the SIS school field. Our kids have matured, thrived and most importantly been happy here in Shenzhen, thanks largely to SIS.

The SIS German Heritage Program is wonderful. Our daughter has retained and improved her fluency in German and achieved significant growth in her reading and writing skills. She enjoys the class and we are delighted with her progress. We will miss you.

Choi Family

This year marks the 5th year the Choi family has been part of the SIS community and it also marks the year my eldest son, Rick graduates from Shekou International School. We as a family would like to show our appreciation to SIS and the community. SIS has provided a sturdy platform for Rick to extend to the next phase of his life and has cared for Ryan, my second and youngest boy, throughout a very important phase of his life.
The small and interconnected environment and the rigorous curriculum has provided numerous opportunities for my boys to embrace activities within numerous jurisdictions like the Student Council, Model United Nations, World Scholars Cup, Varsity Sports, Habitat for Humanity, etc.
I could safely say that the school played a big role in Rick’s successes throughout his high school career and hope that it continues to enliven Ryan’s high school life.

Thank you very much, SIS!! We're very proud of being a member of SIS community!!!

Bojinca Family

At this juncture I would like to convey our sincerest appreciation for the outstanding learning process at SIS. We are all grateful for the privilege of being part of the SIS community and for our daughter’s academic development over the last 2 years. It is clear for us that here at SIS the school’s staff care for their students and ensure their learning and development in a challenging academic environment of the highest standard.

Once again, thank you all for everything.

Levy Family

On behalf of all of the Levy family, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the amazing experiences that our children have had with SIS. It is actually difficult to put into words how grateful we are for our kids to have attended and been involved with SIS. Our children have come home from school happy for the past two years, every single day. They have benefitted from the amazing teachers who you have found with so many talents beyond their areas of teaching, with real passion for student success, and who are involved with the kids beyond the school and in the community. They have enjoyed the multitude of sports and other after school activities offered, allowing them to really gain from all of the benefits associated with being part of a team and exploring interests beyond school. They have really felt like a part of the diverse and incredible SIS community of amazing administrators, secretaries, TA’s, teachers and schoolmates, and we will all miss this so much! Thank you for this special adventure in our lives!

Wirjono Family

Moving schools every 4 years has made academics a significant point to consider. It is important that the kids have a smooth transition, are not behind academically and still have a lot of room to grow. We feel SIS is about balance. The children are challenged academically but at the same time they also learn many things beyond books. They are encouraged to give presentations, do research on world issues, solve problems, and participate in sports. Field trips are fun and some are eye openers on life and cultures in China. At SIS, the children receive their education in many different aspects and I feel cofident that by the time they leave SIS, they are equipped with loads of experience and knowldege they need for the future.

Thupakula Family

I want to take this opportunity, to let you know one more time, that both of my kids have thoroughly loved their 2 years at SIS. We, as parents, are glad to have had our kids attend a great international school with a solid curriculum. We will miss the love and affection of the community, ASA’s, parent teacher conferences, SPAH events, movie nights, field trips, and most importantly the kids' exposure to the diversity of cultures at SIS.

Riehl Family

Als es vor 3 1/2 Jahren für uns um einen Umzug von Guangzhou nach Shenzhen ging war unsere erste Frage: “Welches ist die beste Schule dort?” Ganz klar kam aus allen Reihen die Antwort: „SIS Shekou International School“. Also haben wir uns das Programm der Schule und den Lehrplan genauer angeschaut und waren besonders von der Tatsache beeindruckt, dass die Schule ein Deutschprogramm anbietet. Unser Sohn ist seit seiner Geburt in China aufgewachsen und hat immer an englischsprachigen Programmen teilgenommen. Es zeigte sich nun also eine große Chance für ihn auf, seine Muttersprache auf professionellem Weg zu lernen. Er hat sehr viel Freude an der Schule und verbessert sich stetig in Deutsch und allen anderen Unterrichtsfächern. Wir sind sehr froh darüber, SIS als Schule für ihn gewählt zu haben. Mittlerweile ist er in der 4. Klasse der Elementary School und ist fließend in Englisch, Deutsch und auf einem sehr hohen Niveau im Chinesisch Unterricht. Es könnte nicht besser sein.

Wir sind sehr stolz, ein Teil der SIS Gemeinschaft zu sein, wo jeder Lehrer und auch jedes Mitglied der Schule sehr engagiert und professional agiert und sich täglich mit wunderbarem Lächeln um die Kinder bemüht. Unserer Meinung nach gibt es keine andere Schule in Shenzhen, die auch nur im Entferntesten an die SIS mit ihrem Angebot, ihrer Einstellung, ihrer internationalen Zusammenarbeit und ihrem Engagement für jedes einzelne Kind mithalten kann.

Wir hoffen, noch viele Jahre in Shenzhen und an der SIS bleiben zu können.

When we moved to Shenzhen from Guangzhou 3 1/2 years ago, our first question was: “Which is the best school there?” No doubt everyone would give us just one answer, “SIS Shekou International School.” So we checked out the curriculum and the whole school program and had been particularly impressed that there is a German program running at the school. Our son has been raised in China since birth and has always only attended English programs so this was a great opportunity for him to learn his mother tongue in a professional way. He is enjoying the school and improving a lot in German and all other classes and we are very happy that we have chosen SIS. Our son is now in 4th Grade and fluent in English, German and on a very good level in Chinese. It couldn’t be better.

We are proud to be a part of the SIS Community where every member is so accomplished, truly dedicated and wears a constant, beautiful smile. We feel there is no other school in Shenzhen that even comes close to SIS in its offering, attitude, international collaboration and dedication to each and every child.

We truly hope we can stay in Shenzhen and at SIS for many more years.

Reisdorf Family

Im Januar 2015 fiel die Entscheidung, dass wir noch einmal für einige Jahre nach China gehen würden. Unsere erste Chinaentsendung endete als unsere Töchter gerade einmal 1 und 2 1/2 Jahre alt waren, also zu einer Zeit als das Thema Schule noch kein Thema war. Nun mußte also die passende Schule für eine zukünftige Fünft- und Sechstklässlerin gefunden werden. Nach umfangreicher Recherche im Internet waren wir uns einig, dass wir uns bei einem Schnupperbesuch in Shenzhen die SIS anschauen möchten. Unsere Wahl war auf die SIS gefallen, da uns die Philosophie der Schule, die Technikzugewandheit und nicht zuletzt das angebotene Deutschprogramm begeistert haben. Unsere Töchter besuchten in Deutschland die vierte Klasse einer Grundschule und die fünfte Klasse eines Gymnasiums. Für uns war und ist es sehr wichtig, dass sie ihre Deutschkenntnisse weiter vertiefen und festigen. Wir bekamen recht kurzfristig und unkompliziert einen Termin, an dem wir uns die Schule anschauen durften. Unsere Erwartungen wurden erfüllt bzw. sogar übertroffen. Man nahm sich viel Zeit für uns, hat uns alles gezeigt und unsere Fragen wurden ausführlich beantwortet. Nach diesem Termin war für unsere Töchter und uns Eltern klar, dass wir auf jeden Fall den Bewerbungsprozeß bei der SIS starten würden. Unsere Töchter haben sich fleißig auf den Englischtest vorbereitet, bei welchem sie ihre Sprachkenntnisse unter Beweis stellen mußten. Als auch diese Hürde genommen war, war die Freude auf den ersten Schultag groß. Diese Freude hält bis heute an.

Unsere jüngere Tochter besucht die 5. Klasse der Elementary School. Sie fühlt sich auf dem wunderbar grünen und schön angelegten Campus der Elementary School sehr wohl. Auch schulisch fühlt sie sich sehr aufgehoben. Sie bekommt jede benötigte Unterstützung, um ihre Englischkenntnisse zu verbessern und mit ihren englischsprachigen Mitschülern mithalten zu können. Der tägliche Deutschunterricht war gerade in der Anfangszeit für sie ein wichtiger Fixpunkt im Schultag und das deutsche Klassenzimmer ein “kleines Stück Zuhausse”. Aber auch nach fast einem Schuljahr ist der Deutschunterricht und das Zusammenkommen mit den deutschen Mitschülern für sie von großer Bedeutung und für uns Eltern ist es ein beruhigendes Gefühl zu wissen, dass der Deutschunterricht fortgeführt wird und sie wohl mühelos in Deutschland wieder in den Schulunterricht einsteigen könnte.

Unsere ältere Tochter besucht die 6. Klasse der Middle School. Sie mag das moderne Gebäude und die tolle Ausstattung der Schule, die v. a. auch in den künstlerischen Fächern den Schülern erlaubt, sich an und mit vielen verschiedenen Materialien auszuprobieren. Sie kann unter Anleitung selbständig ihre Deutschkenntnisse weiterentwickeln. Bisherige Vergleiche mit ihrer “alten” Schule in Deutschland zeigen, dass sie so dort ebenfalls ohne Probleme wieder einsteigen könnte.

Insgesamt sind wir uns einig, dass die SIS die richtige Wahl für uns war und wir können uns gut vorstellen, dass unsere Kinder bis zum Abschluss hier bleiben!

In January 2015 we made the decision to move to China a second time for several years. Our first time in China ended when our daughters were just 1 and 2 1/2 years old, at a time when school was no issue. This time we needed to find the appropriate school for a future 5th and 6th grader. After some web research in the we agreed to have a look at SIS when we visit Shenzhen for our “look and see trip”. We chose SIS because we like the schools philosophy, the fact that SIS is an “Apple distinguished school” and at least the opportunity to take part in the “German Heritage Program”. Our daughters visited grade 4 of Elementary school and Grade 5 of a Grammar school in Germany. For us it is very imported to have the possibility to strengthen and deepen their german knowledge. We contacted SIS and uncomplicated got an appointment on short notice to have a look at SIS. Our expectations were fulfilled or rather excelled. We were shown around and all our questions were answered detailed. After this visit at SIS we as parents and our daughters agreed we want to start the application process at SIS. Our daughters worked hard on their English knowledge to prepare for the language test where they had to prove their English proficiency. After they took this last hurdle they waited for the first day at school with great delight. The happiness to visit SIS still lasts!

Our younger daughter is in Elementary school Grade 5. She likes the green and nice layout of Jingshan campus. She feels very comfortable in her class and gets every support she needs to improve her english skills and keep up with her class mates. Especially in the beginning the daily German lessons were an important anchor in her daily schedule and the German classroom was a little bit like “coming home”. Now after nearly one school year the German lessons and the chance to meet her german classmates is still very important. For us parents it is good to know that they still have lessons in their mother language and would be able to go back to a german school without problems.

Our older daughter is a Grade 6 Middle school student. She likes the modern building and the great facilities at Bayside campus. Especially the creative subjects like Art and Music are very well equipped an the students can work with a lot of different materials and things. Under guidance she has the opportunity to deepen her german skills. Up to now comparisons with her former classmates in Germany show that for her it would also be no problem to go back to her german school.

Altogether we all agree that we made the right choice when we decide to send our daughters to SIS and have no difficulties with the imagination to see them graduate here at SIS.


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