When should I submit an application for admission and how long does the process take?

SIS uses a rolling admission process. Parents may submit an application in March for the following school year beginning in August. In early April we will begin our re-registration process for currently enrolled students. Once we complete this process, we will have an idea of space availability for the following academic school year. Applications for the following school year will be processed in early May. Parents will be notified of their admission status via email.

We accept applications for the current school year throughout the year. Once the application is complete, it takes 5 to 7 days to review the application. An applicant may be granted admission, scheduled for an English exam and or an interview, placed on the wait list or not accepted. After an applicant has sat for an interview or taken the English proficiency test, it generally takes an additional 2 to 3 school days for an admissions decision. We encourage all parents to submit all required documents as early as possible.

Do I need to submit all admission documents together?

An application is considered incomplete until all required documents including the application fee are received. We encourage parents to submit all documents at one time. We understand that the Chinese visa may not be available at submission time. You may submit your visa when it is issued. Incomplete applications (not including the visa) will be discarded after 30 days.

Does my child need to take an entrance exam or sit for an interview?

All PreK-1 and PreK-2 students are required to sit for an interview with the director of the ECC. ECC applicants are not required to take an entrance exam.

Beginning in grade one non-native English speakers that have not attended a school where the language of instruction is in English or those students currently enrolled in an English as an Additional Language (EAL) or ESOL program are required to take an English proficiency exam. Some students may also be required to attend an interview.

Does SIS accept applications during the summer?

SIS accepts applications throughout the school year and during the summer. Processing times during the summer may be longer and it may take two weeks or so to process. Applications received close to the first day of school may take even longer to process. We encourage all parents to submit a complete application as early as possible.

What is your priority system for admissions?

Admission decisions are based on a careful examination of each student’s ability to achieve success in an atmosphere of high expectations and within the context of an English language-learning environment. In making this assessment, SIS will evaluate each candidate’s English language proficiency, demonstrated academic achievement and developmental and social/behavioral history. This may include an interview. Parents should note that current class size/space availability, English as an Additional Language (EAL) guidelines, and parents’ priority status also affect admission recommendations. Besides priority status, admissions decisions may also take into account the short and long term balance of English language learners and other relevant demographic factors in the school in order to sustain and support the school’s mission and programs.

First Priority: Founding Members

First Priority includes any child who carries a foreign passport with at least one parent having a foreign passport and whose parent works for the founding companies of SIS: BP, Phillips China or CACT.

Second Priority: Subcontractors

Second Priority includes any child who carries a foreign passport with at least one parent having a foreign passport and:

Whose parent works for a subcontractor to a founding member or works for other oil operators.

Is sponsored by a company with 20 or more students enrolled at SIS.

Is a sibling of a currently enrolled student

Third Priority: Other

Third Priority includes any expatriate child who meets the age criteria and who carries a foreign passport and has at least one parent who carries a foreign passport.

Do you keep my application on file?

Students that complete the application process and are placed on a waiting list will remain on the waiting list for the academic year for which they applied. If a seat is not found for the applicant within that academic year, parents may apply for the following academic year by contacting the admissions office the first week of April. Applications will not automatically roll over to the following academic year. Incomplete applications will be discarded after 30 days.

Can my child attend SIS if he/she is not fluent in English?

SIS does not have an English language requirement in nursery through kindergarten though speaking English or having some knowledge of English may increase an applicant’s likelihood of being accepted.

Beginning in grade 1 non-native English speaking children will be tested to assess their English proficiency level.

Students in grade 1 are not required to have prior exposure to English, but because there are a limited number of EAL seats, English skills will increase a student’s likelihood of being accepted.

Beginning in grade 2 and through grade 5 students must have some English skills in order to pass the the English proficiency test that is required before acceptance.

Middle school students, grades 6, 7 and 8 must have an intermediate level of English.

High school applicants, grades 9,10, 11 and 12 must have a high level of English as students receive limited support from a support teacher outside of the classroom and during independent study periods.

How can my child prepare for the English proficiency exam?

The English exam tests a student’s overall knowledge of English in the 4 key domains, reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is not a test that one can necessarily study for because its purpose is to determine English language proficiency rather than knowledge of specific vocabulary and phrases.

Applicants are encouraged to speak English with a native speaker as often as possible and to read in English. Some families engage an English tutor prior to their arrival to help their children.

What is your curriculum?

The school’s language of instruction is English, and the curriculum is standards based predominantly utilizing North American texts, resources, and materials.

Can I visit your school?

We would be happy to show you our school. We encourage all parents to make an appointment to visit the school as we may not be able to accommodate drop in visitors. Please send an email to admissions@sis.org.cn to schedule a tour. We generally need two day’s notice to schedule a tour.

Do you have a boarding program?

SIS is a day school and does not have a boarding program.

Where do your students go after high school graduation?

100% of SIS students matriculate to university. Visit http://www.sis-shekou.org/page.cfm?p=595 for a recent listing.

Does SIS have a school uniform?

SIS does not have a school uniform.

What are the after school activities at SIS?

After school activities (ASAs) change every trimester. To view a sample listing of activities please visit http://www.sis-shekou.org/page.cfm?p=530


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