SIS Libraries

SIS Libraries


The SIS Libraries serve our entire community. We provide welcoming spaces and a variety of resources for reading, research, and sparking curiosity. We aim to foster a love of reading, a desire to learn, and a commitment to intercultural awareness.  



We value reading in all its forms. 
We believe… 
  • Our collections should reflect our community 
  • Reading for pleasure and information are keys to life-long learning 
  • Reading is Reading: print, audiobooks, e-books, and graphic novels all provide valuable reading experiences  
  • Patrons should have the freedom to choose their own pleasure reading materials  
We value inquiry in learning & teaching. 
We believe…. 
  • Fostering curiosity about the world promotes international mindedness 
  • Collaboration drives innovation  
  • Providing a variety of resources provokes inquiry 
  • Inquiry based in personal interests leads to deep learning 
  • Effective researchers are principled, critical thinkers 
  • Information should be collected, used, and shared ethically  
  • Co-teaching information literacy skills within units of inquiry facilitates school-wide implementation 
  • Partnerships between teachers and librarians enhance dynamic curriculum development  
We value our global community and context. 
We believe… 
  • Inclusive service creates a welcoming atmosphere for all community members  
  • Offering resources in many languages reflects the diversity of our world 
  • An inclusive, diverse collection nurtures identity, empathy, and intercultural awareness 

"The only thing you absolutely have to know is  

the location of the library."  

 - Albert Einstein