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SIS guides our young Primary Geckos to tackle the ever changing global landscape with a growth mindset, the skills to make a difference and a can do attitude.

Leda Cedo, Primary Principal

Learning in the Primary: Bringing Life to Learning 

Welcome to the primary division of Shekou International. You will find our school a truly caring community that honors and celebrates the diverse families we serve. Our faculty and staff are highly qualified and are committed to providing excellent learning opportunities. Our dedicated teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and international experiences to our learning community, whilst remaining committed to continuous improvement through ongoing professional development.

Three Inspiring Programmes, One Caring Community

SIS offers three academic programmes in the primary: the International Programme (IP), the French International Programme (FIP), and the Chinese Bilingual Programme (CBP). Each is distinguished by its additional language offering. All are similar in their academic standards and the implementation of the IB PYP pedagogy.

At each grade level, we provide collaborative learning activities across the three programmes. Students have integrated lunch and recess times, engage in joint field trips, and combined After School Activities.

The Early Primary (Nursery to Kindergarten) - Jingshan Campus

At SIS we understand that learning in the early years is crucial for a child's development and sets the foundation for the rest of each child’s life. We work in partnership with parents and caregivers to provide the best opportunity for each child to be healthy, capable, and successful as they grow and develop. In the early years, a child’s brain develops much faster than at any other time in their life. Our aim is to stimulate their brain development through the child's daily experiences at SIS. These connections are needed to form many important, higher-level abilities like motivation, self-regulation, problem-solving, and communication. 

To achieve this, the learning environments at SIS are purposefully planned to be safe, comfortable, and stimulating places so that every child will love to come to school each day. Teachers build a trusting and caring relationship with each student so that they feel cared for and valued members of our diverse community. 

We value a playful inquiry approach to learning as this is a natural way for children to build relationships with one another. Teachers continuously observe their students and offer personalized guidance throughout their learning journey. 

The Upper Primary (G1 to G5) - The Bay Campus

As our students develop more complex skills and understandings, teachers and students co-design authentic, highly contextual units of inquiry that lead to self and social awareness. SIS students view themselves and the world through multiple lenses - as mathematicians, readers, writers, artists, historians, geographers, scientists, and in various other roles that they play every day. By connecting to the wider community, learners are able to challenge existing perspectives and develop responsible and compassionate youth. This leads young learners to recognize and contribute to social justice.

At SIS, we care for each child’s success, beyond academics. Teachers work with each student to set goals in pursuit of their personal, social and intellectual development. As students move through the school, teachers ensure continuity so that students are more independent and inspired to contribute to their community and beyond. 

We would like to share more information about our programmes with you. Please contact us for a meeting or to arrange a visit.


Leda Cedo, Primary Principal
Karen Brown-Miller, Early Primary Assistant Principal
Rebecca Wallace, Upper Primary Assistant Principal 



After-School Care

Exciting news! Shekou International School (SIS) offers After-School Care, providing a fulfilling and joyful experience for children after their school day ends!

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