Language Programmes

The languages we speak are as diverse as our multicultural community. SIS provides an integrated approach to language learning that helps our students become engaged international thinkers and communicators within a global society.

All SIS students begin studying Chinese for Speakers of Other Languages (CSOL) in Kindergarten, and have the opportunity to continue through each grade level through the IB Diploma Program in Grade 12. For native and advanced near-native speakers of Chinese, SIS offers a course which is designed to develop and enhance literacy for students who are already verbally fluent in Mandarin. 

SIS also offers the French International Program from pre-school to Grade 5 and the students will continue through each grade level to the IB Diploma Program in Grade 12. The program offers an adapted version of the French national curriculum and is taught by French government certified teachers.

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 in the International Programme may also partake in SIS's French as an Additional Language (FAL). This will enable them to have a taste to discover the French culture and traditions while learning to listen, speak and eventually read and write in French.