Fine Arts Programs

fine arts programs

At SIS, we believe that the Fine Arts engage, inspire and enrich all students, encouraging them to reach their creative potential.  The SIS Fine Arts programs offer a comprehensive education in both Music and Visual Arts from PreK 1 through Grade 12. The study of fine arts is essential to the development of the whole child and involvement in the fine arts is a catalyst for skill development in all areas of their learning. Participating in the fine arts promotes self-expression, communication, intrinsic worth, and emotional exploration through individual and collaborative approaches.

The SIS Music program offers a comprehensive musical education from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Music literacy is the foundation of music learning at SIS. Students learn literacy skills through singing, playing instruments, composing, analyzing and performing. SIS musicians perform regularly at concerts and have the opportunity to participate in local and international music festivals. Beginning in Grade 6, our students choose to participate in band, strings, or choir. In Grades 11 and 12, students may choose to continue their studies in our IB Music program.

The SIS Visual Arts department offers a discipline-based art program, which includes art production, art history, art criticism, aesthetic awareness, and personal expression. It is based on the elements and principles of design and offers cumulative experiences in drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, graphic design, digital media, 3D modeling, and construction. Students' artwork is displayed throughout the school during the year and is showcased at the end of the year art show.  In Grades 11 and 12, students may choose to continue their studies in our IB Visual Arts or IB Film Studies program.