Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Community Outreach Programs

SIS students participate in learning opportunities appropriate for their age, including community outreach that seeks longer term and reciprocal relationships with local business groups, research and education communities. We implement projects, programs and experiences which are beneficial to our students, families, staff and community through collaboration with the SIS parent community, the wider business community of Shenzhen, and relevant organizations globally which can provide value to the school’s program.

Often these initiatives are led by students with guidance from our teachers, developing their own ideas and plans, and executing them themselves. During the process, our students learn social responsibility, leadership and empathy, developing an understanding of their role in the school community, the local community and the outside world. More than learning the facts and figures, these enrichment opportunities allow our students to develop in their character, and to grow as a person. These experiences are embedded within our school curriculum and are an important part of fostering the SIS learner profile.

Through these connections, SIS students will gain access to many varied authentic, real-world experiences beyond the school campuses. As SIS and Shenzhen become more deeply and intricately linked, our campus will extend into the community and the community will become part of our school.

Service learning also forms an essential part of shaping character values and dispositions that can alter the lives of our students and those they support. This is an integral component of a truly holistic education that SIS dedicates resources and time to in order to develop a culture that will enable these values to flourish.

Engaging students in community service projects is a wonderful way of encouraging our students to be principled, caring and open minded. We know that learning outside the classroom and helping others encourages empathy and understanding in our students. This results in well rounded, responsible, and well-balanced global citizens. 


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