Living in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is home to more than 14 million people. This dynamic and ever expanding city has something to offer everyone. From an electronics mall that seems to stretch to the horizon, to a quaint painting village, to world-class restaurants, Shenzhen’s entertainment scene provides a wonderful spectrum of diversity.

Nestled in the southwestern corner of Shenzen, Shekou is home to the campuses of Shekou International School and many of our families and all our staff. Life in Shenzhen is more affordable that most other large Chinese cities, with one of the better living environments in China as well. Have a cup of coffee at Starbucks and you will hear multiple languages being spoken or wander on down to Old Shekou for a foot massage or a bit of shopping. Shekou is located on the South China Sea and is just a short ferry ride from Hong Kong.

Accommodation in Shekou

There is no shortage of housing in Shekou. As a growing city, new apartments continuously are becoming available. There are also older apartments, usually with larger living areas on the market. Apartments are owned by individuals and will vary in terms of amenities, although they are normally furnished with all the necessary furniture and electronics including TVs, air conditioners and washing machines. 

Most complexes have a pool and some even have a gym. Apartments are built above or surround retail space which makes it easy and convenient to pop downstairs for groceries, a quick meal or even a game of pool. Many of the complexes are located near the sea, offering breathtaking views.

Day to Day Life

There are several international grocery store chains in Shenzhen including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Carrefour, Metro and Jusco. In addition, there are mom and pop stores located throughout Shekou where Western items are available, though in some cases they are more expensive. What you can’t find in Shenzhen, can almost certainly be found in Hong Kong. Local and imported fruits and vegetables are available in most grocery stores and a trip to the local wet market is always an adventure and a cost saver.

Shekou has several online grocery delivery services, and in fact almost everything can be ordered and delivered in quick time.

Domestic help is relatively inexpensive and services range from hourly help to live in. Fees will vary depending on years of experience and English ability.

Getting Around

SIS offers an employee shuttle bus that operates during the week to bring employees to and from school. 

Shenzhen has an extensive subway system that connects most parts of Shenzhen. The subway is clean, modern and inexpensive. Shenzhen is spread across a large geographical region and using the subway to get from one end to the other is a great time saver. There is also has an excellent bus system. Public buses run frequently and though they can be quite crowded during peak hours, they are a great way to see the city. If public transportation is not your thing, taxis are abundant across the city and are usually easy to find. Taxi fees are reasonable but if you prefer to bike, Shekou is easy to navigate. Our campuses are less than a 15 minute bike ride from the most popular apartment complexes. And the rental bike revolution has definitely been adopted in Shenzhen with bikes available everywhere.

These services are often provided in fully electric vehicles as Shenzhen leads the country, if not the world in provision of this technology.

Getting to Hong Kong for shopping, dining and just an adventure is easy from Shekou. The Shekou port which is just a 10 minute walk from our Jingshan campus offers multiple ferries to Hong Kong throughout the day. If you prefer to travel by land, the Shenzhen Bay Entry port is just a 10 to 15 minute taxi ride from Shekou. As one of the main entry/exit points to Shenzhen, buses and taxis to Hong Kong can easily be arranged.

Recreation and Entertainment

Shenzhen is known for its bargain shopping from the famous Lo Wu commercial center where you can have clothes tailored, buy off the rack, or purchase shoes and purses to Huaqiang Bei where you can find 8 floors of electronics. And after your shopping excursion, you can visit one of the numerous spas located throughout Shenzhen for a foot or body massage. If shopping is not on your top ten list of things to do on a Saturday, a trip to Dafen Oil painting village is a must. You can buy artwork or even have paintings created from a photo. There are also several beaches outside of Shenzhen where you can easily spend a weekend. If that’s not enough, there is always the Overseas Chinese Town art gallery.

Shenzhen and Shekou both offer numerous dining options. Shekou has many Western style restaurants and bars that offer everything from pizza and burgers to filet mignon. There are also numerous ethnic restaurants around Shenzhen. You can find everything from Vietnamese to Turkish food. For true foodies, many Hong Kong restaurants feature Michelin star chefs from around the world. Closer to Shekou, many of the upscale hotels offer fine dining as well.