French International Programme Scholarship

Shekou International School (SIS) is pleased to announce the ISS Global International Language Scholarship to support the continuation and development of the French language, culture, and appreciation of our French International Programme. The scholarship is for French or French speakers to join us in our international, dynamic, and ambitious programme offered nowhere else in China. The awarded scholarship is for a three school years or until the student completes grade 5.

Since 2009, SIS has provided a French International Programme where our students have developed their critical thinking skills, internationalism, and academic excellence while benefiting from two languages (French and English) and two educational approaches that implement best practices.

SIS is looking for well-rounded students who will contribute positively to our community. Therefore, SIS will evaluate the candidate's French-language ability, overall academic excellence, social and emotional attributes, and the applicant's and family interview.  

All applicants will receive notification of their scholarship status, and those students who do not receive an SIS scholarship may elect to apply for admission without a scholarship award. The scholarship award decision made by the school is final and may not be appealed. Students may only apply once per academic year. 

 Who is eligible to apply?*

  • Students with an appropriate level of French language proficiency
    • Age appropriate proficiency exam required
  • Students entering PreK-1 through Grade 12
  • Students holding a foreign passport or ID
  • Students from self-paying families**

*Students who do not meet eligibility may apply again for the scholarship the next academic year.

**This scholarship is not available to students where tuition is paid directly or indirectly by an employing company.  Any student currently designated as a company payee cannot apply.

* Children without at least one French-speaking parent in the home may apply for the ISS Scholarship after 3 full years in the Program.

ISS Global International Language Scholarship

*The scholarship will be awarded for a three school years or until the student completes grade 5. Yearly tuition increases will be applied in the same percentage as non-scholarship students. 

How to Apply

STEP 1 - Gather the necessary documents.

The SIS French International Programme Scholarship application is online. Before you begin to complete the application, prepare the following documents that you will submit in the first section of the application form.

Required Documents List


*Mandatory for students applying for MS (PreK-2) and above that are transferring from an international school or from schools that provide official school reports. Some students may only  have one year of records. Mid-year applicants should submit year to date school records as well  as the previous year's records.

**All students applying for CE1 (Gr. 2) and above must submit school records. Some students applying for CE1 (Gr. 2 ) may have one year of school records if their home country's educational system does not require kindergarten. Mid-year applicants should submit year-to-date school records as well as the previous year's records.

***After submitting the application, you will receive a link to the parent account. In your account, please click on "Student Recommendation Form" to enter the current teacher's name and email. The recommendation form will automatically be sent after you enter the teacher's contact details.

STEP 2 – Complete the scholarship application form directly online.

Number of available scholarships

The number of scholarships awarded will vary from year to year, considering the number of available seats in each grade, the quality of applications received, and the funding available to support scholarships.

Expectations to maintain scholarship

Scholarship awards will be for the students' duration through CM2 (Grade 5) in the French International Programme. Students must meet the following conditions to continue to receive the scholarship.

  • Students must consistently demonstrate a positive attitude and maximum effort in their learning.
  • Students must show exemplary personal behavior and appropriately represent the image of the school.
  • Students must meet the school’s attendance requirements, not missing more than 10% of school days.
  • Parents or guardians are expected to be positive school community member.
  • Families are expected to provide photo consent. 

Deferring the scholarship

The scholarship is non-transferable, and the term of study cannot be deferred. Should a student withdraw or transfer to the SIS International program, the scholarship will be terminated and cashing out for the remaining value of the scholarship is not permitted.