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Bayside Library: A year in numbers!

Research, information, reading, citations: as you can see from our Infographic Annual Report, it has been a busy year here at the Bayside Library. Our goal in the library is to connect students with quality information, support students in ethical usage of information and encourage a love of reading.

Library circulation is up nearly 40% and 4,798 items have been borrowed. Data shows Fiction and Graphic Novels are the most popular books to borrow. Students have utilized our new library platform, Libguides (, to access library resources and to help them with research. Our guides have had over 3,571 views. This tells us students are accessing quality information while researching and are using our school purchased databases for projects.

DP Extended Essay students have been guided through higher level research lessons: academic honesty, citations, search terms and how to access and read academic journals. Our goal is to improve research skills and quality of information students are accessing. Students are utilizing our Noodletools subscription, an online citation program, to create their bibliographies.

The library is looking forward to continuing our work next year. Please have a look at our Bayside summer reading Libguide. Full of reading ideas and suggestions for the Summer: