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High School Art Contest

Our first annual HS Art Contest was a success! The theme was 'Pale Blue Dot' and we received (lucky number) 13 original and creative submissions. Artworks were displayed in Bayside lobby during the HS Music Concert on May 15, so concert goers could have the chance to vote.

Congratulations to Grade 9 Art student Kelly Moon for receiving the most votes for her skillful masterpiece of a fish swimming. Second place was to the team of Grade 10 Laura Scarabello and Lotta Korhonen for their masterful creation of an eye. Honorable mention to Emmie Xue for her third place work on the effect of our addictions to computers.

Congratulations to all HS artists who submitted! I am so proud of all the diverse, creative and unique artists we have at Bayside! To see all the works entered, please visit Miss Atkinson's blog:

Kelly Moon, G9

Laura Scarabello and Lotta Korhonen, G10

Emmie Xue, G9