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Grade 6 SIS Student Joins Johns Hopkins Center Talented Youth Summer Program

Hoping to have a career in science, grade 6 student Betty Lu recently applied for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth summer program. Acceptance to this prestigious program is rigorous and includes a series of exams including a math examination. An SIS gecko since kindergarten, Betty loves math exams and it shows. Betty scored in the 99 percentile, performing better than the grade 9 students she was compared to.

Betty explained that since the test "is about logic rather than math functions I felt prepared for the exam. You have to think about how to solve the equation. Every questionhas 4 possible answers and you have to think it through." Using her critical thinking skills, Betty's strategy centered on "eliminating the answers that didn't make sense. If I really didn't know, then I had to pick the answer that made the most sense." Having just 22 minutes for 55 questions, Betty had to concentrate and think on her feet.

Betty received high honors for her math scores and was invited to attend the center for talented youth which can claim among its alumni the founders of Facebook and Google, Intel Science Talent Search winners, Rhodes Scholars, and MacArthur Fellows. Betty has selected to attend "Examining the Evidence" this summer in California where she will have a chance to extract DNA from a strawberry! This fits in perfectly with her future career plans. Betty hopes to follow in her father's footsteps and develop aids to help plants grow. Betty is so passionate about this that during vacations she spends time on farms. Who knew that a girl that knows how to pollinate plants by hand could also win math competitions, and with honors no less! Congratulations Betty.