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The World Scholar's Cup - An Entangled World

The World Scholar's Cup is different. It is academic and nerdy. It is quirky. It requires students to think outside the box and work together in their teams. The World Scholar's Cup combines academic competitions such as team debates, collaborative writing, knowledge quizzes, a talent show, numerous colourful alpacas and a lot of fun. The end result is a challenging, yet rewarding experience for all participants.

This year's overarching theme is an Entangled World. The six subject areas covered within that are:

Special Area - Human Relationships

History - The History of Diplomacy

Social Studies - Black Markets

Science - The Science of Memory

Art & Music - Braving the Distance

Literature - Voices of the Inseparable

In order to be successful, scholars (as the participating students are referred to) have to carry out extensive research in all listed subject areas. This specialised research is shared by the team members. At SIS, students have been preparing for the Shenzhen Round as part of their ASA on Friday afternoons for months.

On May 12 and 13, twenty SIS students from middle and high school participated in the local round at Green Oasis School. This year saw the biggest ever Shenzhen Round with over 300 participating students from many different schools in the area, but also from schools further afield.

All teams from SIS did very well, won many different awards and all of them qualified to go onto any one of the three Global Rounds held in Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne or Barcelona this summer.

Below are some of the highlights that deserve special mention.

William Li (Grade 7) and Seojin Park (Grade 8), both age-appropriate to compete in the junior division, were willing to join the senior division together with Joshua Kim (Grade 10).

Fiona Boutelle, Wan Jin Kim and Antonio Li (all from Grade 6) were recognised as the fifth best junior team competing in the World Scholar's Cup for the very first time.

Fiona Boutelle and Seojin Park both participated in the Talent Show in front of an audience of almost 400 people.

Jun Dodel, Ricco Xie and Michelle Guo (all Grade 8) earned first place in the Scholar's Bowl in the junior division.

Kevin Cha, Jimmy Ching (both Grade 10) and Yijoo Choi (Grade 9) earned third place in the Scholar's Bowl in the senior division.

Kevin Cha, Jimmy Ching and Yijoo Choi also placed third in the Team Debate in the senior division.

Catheline Dodel, Alex Cha and Yijung Choi (all Grade 7) earned second place in the Collaborative Writing challenge in the junior division.

Kevin Cha was selected third best debater overall and was asked to participate in the Debate Showcase. Kevin's strong and eloquent performance during the Debate Showcase led this team to victory.

Congratulations, scholars! You were all pwaasome! Good luck to those of you who will choose to continue on to one of the Global Rounds this summer.

Christine Vithayathil

EAL Teacher / World Scholar's Cup Advisor