SIS Parent Support Association is an association of parents that voluntarily come together to organize or support activities in school that benefit the experience of children and their families.
2023-24 PSA Presidents, Nina Zhan and Claire Kew

The SIS Parent Support Association (PSA) would like to welcome you all to our school community.

PSA members represent a multitude of diverse cultures and backgrounds. We provide a social network for families and fun activities for the whole community. We encourage you to join us, as we believe that parent involvement in school life is an important factor in a child’s success. All parents and teachers at SIS are members.

All PSA activities offer great opportunities to connect with, and get to know other parents, while contributing to creating an even better school environment for our children. The PSA also administers a grant program that is open to SIS students and teachers to support initiatives outside of the classroom. We are eager to welcome as many parents and teachers as possible to the PSA, so please don’t hesitate to approach us with ideas, questions or feedback. We’re excited to get to know you all, and to join forces in building a strong community for our children.

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