Our Alumni

Our Alumni Association maintains the connection between SIS and its former students, staff and parents. We are fortunate to have so many alumni who continue to support us and wish to contribute to our school community. To keep up to date with our alumni community, please join our Alumni Association to connect with fellow alumni, expand your professional network and give back to the SIS community.

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I enjoyed the tight community and the passion each teacher had for their job. I was able to meet people from all over the world that I would have never met otherwise, some maintaining genuine friends to this day. Virginia Dew (Wesleyan College)

The best thing about SIS was always the community. It has also helped to build that foundation for me by incorporating the concept of global citizenship in its curriculum and provide me a platform where I could meet people from all walks of life. Hannah Liu (Harvard University) 

I appreciate how supportive teachers in SIS were on my projects and endeavors whenever needed. Treasure your current environment, community, and time at SIS because it will be like no other. Avivi Wang (Cornell University) 

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