SIS offers a contemporary curriculum based on best practices and trends in Western countries with adjustments to meet the unique situations of students overseas.

Carefully selected international standards form the backbone of a curriculum focused on enduring understandings and transdisciplinary skills and concepts. A scope and sequence, assessment plan, and unit planning round out the working curriculum framework.

Student performance is assessed to both the academic standards and to the expected student learning results which involve global citizenship, independent learning, effective communication, collaboration, and complex thinking.

At SIS the learning is the focus, and students from an early age are challenged in an academically rigorous environment. As the students are in the process of developing enduring attitudes about themselves and the world, the SIS curriculum helps them develop a pride that comes from a variety of accomplishments; joy in learning that comes from meaningful, rich experiences; a genuine sense of community, and a growing ability to be responsible for their own learning.

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