School Campus

The school campus is really spread across three separate sites. 

Our early years classes, from nursery to grade 1 are located in our Mountainside campus within the Jingshan Villas compound.
This set of buildings was once the community heart of the Villas and includes our library, indoor gymnasium, swimming pool, cafeteria and sporting fields. Our specialist language schools also occupy this campus with our French Bilingual Program and Heritage German Program here. The playgrounds, secret garden, courtyards are at the end of a tree lined boulevard and provide a well protected and child-friendly facility as they are well within the gated Villa compound.

Our primary classes from grade 2 to grade 5 are located in our Parkside campus, also within the gated Jingshan Villas compound.
The primary grades are located in four storys of a tower block hosting support and specialist programs in well-designed and technology rich classrooms. Also located on the fifth floor of this tower is Level 5. The Level 5 is a creative agile space, designed to showcase the future of learning and provides a wonderful exhibition and interaction venue.

The secondary campus is located in the heart of the Shekou residential area in front of Shenzhen Bay in our Bayside campus.
This three story building was conceived as a shopping mall and then designed for our school to create a learning environment suitable for the 21st century. With killer views over the harbor and boardwalk, the Bayside campus is surrounded by the homes preferred by the expatriate community of Shenzhen making it a truly community school. The building provides for performing and creative arts, specialist sciences and the full complement of curricular choices as well as a library, cafeteria and amphitheater.

While not considered a part of our official campus, we have a long term lease over a gymnasium a 10 minute bus ride from the Bayside site which provides for first class engagement in sports.

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