We are a private, co-educational, not-for-profit school located in Shekou, in the southwestern, expatriate-friendly corner of Shenzhen. Shenzhen is home to more than 14 million people - a dynamic and ever growing city known for its many innovative and multinational companies. As a part of the Greater Bay Area which includes Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangzhou, the city is the centre of exciting technology and sustainable growth strategies supported by the government of PRoC.

Shekou, literally means “Snake’s Mouth” which is a reference to its location on the delta of the Pearl River. It is a vibrant community, known for being the hub of expatriate life in Shenzhen on the shore of the South China Sea, just a short ferry ride from Hong Kong.

Our school was established in January 1988 by a joint venture group of oil companies. Soon after the founding of the school, the sponsoring companies contracted International Schools Services (ISS), a non-profit, educational organization located in Princeton, New Jersey, to operate the school. The school and the city grew dramatically in the following years, and in 2004 the founding companies signed SIS over to full ISS ownership and governance.

From our inception and in the years since we have occupied a part of the Jingshan Villa compound which is the true heart of the expatriate community in Shenzhen. We now also have a Net Valley campus approximately 1 km from the compound where our secondary school is housed. True to our roots as adapting to the needs of the community, this campus is in a building originally conceived as a shopping mall. This provided us with a space to provide an innovative educational experience in the heart of the residential area.